Is Daniel Ricciardo overrated?

When he’s on his day he can be absolutely sensational, and he’s definitely the most charismatic and lovable guy on the grid, but if you zoom out and look at his performances over entire seasons, it’s mostly underwhelming; is Daniel Ricciardo overrated?

The magic of the Nürburgring

The Nordschleife has a legendary reputation in the world of racing, but it’s not until you’re there (and do a lap) that you can fully appreciate what the 13-mile track is all about.

The 4 best options to replace Raikkonen at Ferrari

2018 looks like it will really be the year we say goodbye to Kimi Raikkonen, but who take the Ice Man‘s seat? Here are my four best picks. Daniel Ricciardo Ricciardo is already being recruited by the Italian media, who are famously influential on Ferrari’s recruitment strategy. The Aussie is on an expiring deal at Red Bull…

Max Verstappen is still the G.O.A.T. in the making

People get on his back for his recklessness this season, but let’s not forget that Max Verstappen is still on track to become the greatest of all time. There’s quite literally not a realistic record for ‘youngest (___)’ he hasn’t broken yet. Verstappen is the youngest ever driver in F1 history. He’s the youngest ever…