My name is Nicolás Quarles van Ufford and I’m a Dutch and Spanish multi-faceted sports journalist, currently in the final year of my Sports Journalism degree at the University of Gloucestershire. I moved to England from the Netherlands in September 2017 to pursue a career in the field.

By then, I was already writing at a Dutch website called RedPers.nl, where I got my feet wet as a sports columnist. I also started working for a Formula 1 news website called GPblog.nl, where I was hired as the third writer apart from the two founding members. When moving to England, I helped establish and became in charge of an English counterpart, GPblog.com, which launched in early 2018. By the time I left in June 2020, it had grown to a monthly audience of over a million-and-a-half visitors with an editorial staff of nine writers.

Apart from this, I have started a career in both presenting and live-commentary. First commentating on local football games in Gloucestershire and doing occasional presenting for GPblog, I enjoyed an internship at Real Madrid TV in the summer of 2019. In that time, I commented on several youth team games and even two first-team games while also presenting the news bulletin. More recently I covered Formula 1 winter testing from Barcelona with daily round-ups in video and written form and locally, I reported from the Cheltenham Races in March.

My main passion as a sports journalist is Spanish and Dutch football. Having grown up in Amsterdam, the Eredivisie was the first league I took interest in, and I still follow it very closely. My Spanish family also made me a Spanish football fan, and to this day, those are the two leagues I follow and write about most.

I’ll be using this blog to publish previews, reports, features and columns on a variety of sports. My main branches will be football, motor racing (mainly F1) and a bit of basketball, specifically the NBA.

Showreel: https://bit.ly/2AnJuFL