Early Racing Point reliability issues not worrisome: “Teething problems”

Racing Point remain unworried about Mercedes’ reliability issues during pre-season in Barcelona, saying the engine’s many failures in testing are “known problems” which should be resolved by the start of the season.

While it’s been smooth sailing for Racing Point themselves in the reliability department, the two other Mercedes-powered teams have not been so fortunate. Lewis Hamilton’s W11 gave up the ghost on the penultimate day of testing, ending the reigning champion’s running on the day.

We witnessed Lewis Hamilton’s W11 getting towed to the pitlane at the Circuit de Catalunya after an engine failure.

Williams had been forced to replace their Mercedes power unit twice at testing too, much to the frustration of deputy team principal Claire Williams as it severely limited the side’s track time in Barcelona.


While Racing Point are very aware of the faulty engines, which particularly seem to fail in the oil systems, the team based in Silverstone isn’t worried about any potential impact it could have on them.

“So far, so good,” the team’s technical director Andrew Green told me on the final day of testing in Barcelona as he physically crossed his fingers. 

“I think HPP (Mercedes’ engine department) are aware of the issues that have occurred over the last few weeks, and they have their own containment measures in place. They tell us they’re not worried, [so] we’re not worried. We think we’ll be in a good place come Melbourne. This is testing, this is what it’s all about.”

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Asking about the nature of the oil systems issues, Green revealed Mercedes were already aware before testing about potential flare-ups in that specific part of the power unit. HPP, High Performance Powertrain, are already working on a solution back in Brixworth.

“I think [they are] some teething problems, some batch problems, but I think all of them were known problems,” Green continued. 

“None of these are unknown problems, which are the ones that get you. These are known problems that they have fixes for.”

Racing Point have been rapid throughout winter testing, with Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto even stating they consider the Pink Panthers a threat for the early running in the 2020 season.

Article originally posted on GPblog.com. Featured image per RacePictures.com with permission.

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